Company Overview

The year was 1999 and India was on the brink of an IT revolution. Mr. Kamlesh Mehta was the owner of Rajguru Solutions, not unlike many others who were tapping into the business of computers. But unlike many others, he was far-sighted. He envisioned the birth and scope of a company like Laptech and has built it into the empire it is today.

Laptech, today is a leading brand in computer accessories and services. We believe in making computer hardware rentals a comfortable and quick process for our clients. A dedicated team with years of experience at their back work towards providing top-notch refurbishing services.

Our single-minded approach towards excellence has helped us reach six states across the country. Laptech’s grit and determination to deliver the best to our clients and customers has been the driving force behind our efforts, making us the trusted brand that we are.

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