Keep your work engine running smoothly with regular and trusted maintenance services crafted for your comfort.

When machines malfunction or run out of steam, repair and maintenance can become a headache. Especially in places like offices where a large number of machines work for long hours. Instead of hiring a technician every time a fault with the system is encountered, a maintenance contract can make work smooth and productive.

What Are Maintenance Contracts?

Maintenance Contracts provide repair and maintenance cover for your hardware for a specific period of time. They can extend anywhere from six months to a year.

Why Choose Maintenance Contracts?

Maintenance contracts are especially useful for offices at remote locations and work around the clock. You can cut through the hassle of looking for a professional team at the time and place required. These contracts ensure a quick and professional response to hardware breakdowns that usually result in a lag in the system and a lower output.

Investing in maintenance proves to be beneficial in the long run, also because with a large number of computers, calling a technician with a different set of skills every time can be hectic and also strain on your budget. A contract lets you monitor the expenses better, allowing for a well-structured business plan.

Why Laptech?

At Laptech, we provide tailored solutions for all your maintenance needs. From basic hardware repairs to a complete maintenance cover, we offer package deals that are designed according to your business requirements.

Laptech’s annual maintenance contracts work as a cover for our services and goods, enhancing the benefits that you can avail of your existing infrastructure. Our contracts cover servers, desktops, laptops, and printers.

Our team of well-trained and experienced professional brings a large range of expertise to the table so that you can sit back and relax while your varied maintenance needs are taken care of.

Services are distributed in different tiers where you can opt for a 4 hour and an 8 hour response time. For companies that provide time-sensitive services, we also provide a 24-hour cover where our technicians are available around the clock.

If you are interested in a maintenance cover for your own company, if you are just starting out or are simply curious about how a maintenance contract works, you can reach us.


Quality Facility Management Services for a business that values time and quality of service.

What Are Facility Management Services?

Facility Management Services can be best described as a coming together of skilled workers, top-notch tools, and proper technique to ensure that a business or company’s IT infrastructure is always in the best working condition.

Why Facility Management?

Setting up an office is hard work. What is harder, is to keep it running smoothly. A corrupt storage device or a server breakdown can wreak havoc on your deadlines. Faulty cables, incorrectly installed and poorly networked systems do not just slow down the pace of work but are a potential safety hazard.

Although a business is always fraught with risks and brave decisions need to be made all the time; fortunately, there are a few risks that can be completely avoided. Increase your work output and keep delays at bay with quality Faculty Management Services.

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