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Dell 250W Power Supply For R210

In today’s world, many peoples are searching for the best power supply in the market which can be used for their personal or business purpose. If you are one from them, then while finding the best one, you should know all the details of it.

We all know that a powerful system needs the best power supply to run all your programs efficiently. So if you’re wondering how to choose from all power supply available in the market. Then we at Laptech are here for your help, we offer a wide variety of branded and refurbished power supply. So without wasting any single time let’s start with our main topic.

Basically, the power supply is a component that supplies power to your computer. It is used to converts the alternating current (AC) into Direct current (DC) that the computer components need to run smoothly. Meanwhile, it also controls the overheating issue by regulating its voltage which can be changed automatically or manually depending on the power supply.

Today we are talking about the Dell power supply which is used for the R210 system. The product is only compatible with the Dell R210 model. As the name suggests it output 250W voltage to run your system efficiently.

Specs of Dell 250W Power Supply For R210 :

Brand Dell
Compatible Part Numbers 06HTWP
Power Output 250 W
Compatible Model Dell R210
Connectors 24-Pin ATX Motherboard Power Connector(1); SATA Connector (2); 4 Pin ATX + 12V Power Connector (1); MINI SATA (Internal)(1)
Product Code 11770

Moreover, the product comes with a 24-Pin ATX Motherboard Power Connector(1); SATA Connector (2); 4 Pin ATX + 12V Power Connector (1); MINI SATA (Internal)(1). The part number which is compatible with this power supply unit is 06HTWP.

Just to remind you, there are three types of power supply which include AT Power Supply, ATX Power Supply and ATX-2 Power Supply. For more components (hard drives, CD/DVD drives, tape drives, and ventilation fans) available in pc requires more power to run the system efficiently. So a standard power supply can deliver up to 350W of voltage.

Meanwhile, at Laptech, we deal with many more such kind of products which includes Server, Motherboard, HDD, RAM and etc. To know full detail about such products, do visit our website where you can get the best quality of products at an affordable price range. Do share your opinion with us.

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